FOI Request Section 75 Planning Agreements

Request 101001733922

Please provide details of all payments received under Section 106 Planning Agreements for the years 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18

• The value of the payment
• The purpose of the payment
• The amount of the payment that has been spent
• The amount that has been committed but not spent
• The amount that has not been committed or spent
• The amount that has been repaid
• The reason for the repayment

Response 23-02-2018

Planning Reference Amount Received £ Amount Spent
Committed £ Balance Remaining £ Company Development Purpose
09/01504/APP 6,250.00 6,250   0 Springfield Properties plc Erect 23 houses and 8 affordable houses at R4 Keith Moray   provision of bus stop infrastructure.
08/02766/FUL 12,500.00     12,500 Robertson Homes Ltd/Scotia Homes Ltd (Laurie & Co Solicitors LLP) Development at Spynie, Elgin For provision of a pathway from points D to E per the approved plan.  
11/00435/APP 12,000.00 7,894 4,106 0 NHS Grampian Forres Health & Care Centre Grantown Road, Forres Public transport contribution to provide  a public bus service serving the Development site and providing public transport from the Development site to the centre of Forres.
10/02115/APP 106,415.00   1,107 105,308 Springfield Properties (Sebastian Woodward Land & Planning Assistant) Erection of 30 houses on site R9 abnd 90 houses and 60 flats on site R10 at R9 (Birnie Road) and R10 (Glassgreen) Elgin Moray (now classed as site R7 in the current local plan per MB 11-01-16, new ref 15/02056/APP+M179 Community Halls/Meeting spaces; playing fields, ancillary sports facilities, library, Cemetery.  
08/02766/FUL 40,000.00   40,000   Scotia Homes (North) Ltd / Robertson Homes Ltd / Grampian Housing Association Ltd Housing development at Duffus Road / Covesea Road, Elgin Provision of an additional nursery school facilities within the boundaries of Elgin, the Council shall give priority to meeting the need for nursery school provision in north of Elgin before south of Elgin
08/02766/FUL 22,000.00     22,000 Scotia Homes (North) Ltd / Robertson Homes Ltd / Grampian Housing Association Ltd Housing development at Duffus Road / Covesea Road, Elgin Cemetery provision within Elgin area
13/01969/APP 21,725.00     21,725 Springfield Properties PLC, Elgin Site CF4 Thornhill Road, Elgin For costs towards Community, Recreational or Library facilities serving Elgin area.  
12/01110/APP 163,777.00   9,990 153,787 Springfield Properties PLC, Elgin Phase 1 R3 Forres  
14/00766/APP 10,340.00     10,340 Springfield Properties PLC, Elgin Erection of 16 flats with associated parking at Glassgreen Gardens Phase 2 Thornhill Road Elgin Moray community facilities within Elgin.
11/00216/APP 6,812.00   1,728 5,084 Graham Forbes Copperfield, Whiteinch Kinloss Demolition of disused Riverslea Bar and erection of 3 townhouses and 4 2bed apartments Use for community facilities, playing fields, sports and recreation facilities and library provision.  
09/00612/FUL 32,640.00     32,640 Stephen Strathdee
Viewfield Farm
Craigellachie AB39 9QT
Development of 30 houses at Tomnabent Aberlour Use for Speyside Dial a Bus, school transport and Affordable Housing  (anywhere within the Moray Council area).  
10/00915/PPP 7,590.00     7,590 Mr James Kirkham c/o Grant & Geoghegan Erect a dwellinghouse on site at Shougle Wood Birnie Elgin Use for passing place on the U119E Birkenbaud Road 
14/01486/APP 2,971.26   2,875 96 Tulloch of Cummingston Erect 261 dwellings and 4 retail units with associated roads/landscaping, amenity areas & infrastructure at R1 Sunbank Lossiemouth Use for community and recreation facilities within the Lossiemouth area.  
13/01640/APP 7,296.00     7,296 Oakbank Homes Ltd 30 units at West Basin, Lossiemouth Marina, Shore St, Lossiemouth Use for community facilities in the vicinity of the development

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