FOI Request Ash Die Back

Request 101001734673

I request the following information (‘council’ refers to your authority):

1)  What assessment has the council made of the potential impact of ash dieback (Chalara) in the authority area and what strategy does it have to cope?
2) How many mature ash trees are close to roads for which the council is responsible or public areas in the council’s control where those trees have the potential to impact on public safety if they become infected, whether in the council’s ownership or privately owned?
3) How many of those trees are on council-owned land, and how many of those are ‘street trees’ in residential areas.
4) How many of those trees are on non-council-owned land?
5) What is the estimated cost to the council of felling and/or otherwise dealing with all trees in question 2 and over what timescale is that cost estimated?
6) How much of that cost does the council expect to recover from third parties?
7) How many trees has the council committed to plant specifically to replace trees lost to Chalara?

Response 05-03-2018

1. No assessment, no strategy, no data

2 -6. This information is exempt under section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002- Information not held. This is not data we record. 

7. None

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