FOI Request Income Management

Request 101001734702

I wish to make a Freedom of Information Request about your Payment Solutions (Income Management and Cash Receipting):

1)      What Income Management solution do you use?
i)        Is the solution hosted off site?
2)      What Card Payment solution do you use for:
i)        Internet Payments?
ii)       Mediated payments over the phone?
iii)     Automated telephone payments?
iv)     Card Present payments (Chip & Pin)
3)      Who supplies the solutions in question 2 above?
4)      Are these solutions hosted off site?
5)      Are there more than one payment solutions in use in your Authority?
i)        If so, how many and who are the supplier(s)
6)      Approximately how many credit and debit card transactions do you take annually?
7)      Who provides your Merchant Services?
8)      Is this provided as part of your Banking contract or by the Card Payment Solution provider?
9)      Is the Authority PCI-DSS compliant?

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