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1. What is the total cost of your IT Helpdesk system and who is your helpdesk provider?
2. What is the total number of helpdesk tickets opened for each Moray secondary school for year 2017? 3. What is the total number of helpdesk tickets opened for each Moray primary school for year 2017?
4. For each of these tickets, what percentage of them were active directory administration tasks?
5. Do Moray Schools have IT Support within the school or is this all provided by a centralised service?
6. What brand of interactive boards are being installed in Moray schools?
7. What is the total cost of new interactive boards per school for year 2017?
8. How much was spent on the disposal of end of life interactive equipment for year 2017?
9. How many data breaches were recorded for the education network in 2017? What was the remedial action of these data breaches?
10. Is an IT Health Check test performed on the education network? If so what was the cost of this?
11. What is your password policy for the education network?

Response 05-03-2018

1. The cost is circa £8,000 per annum.  The provider is Sunrise Software.

2. 4862 calls opened in 2017 for secondary schools.

3. 10022 calls opened in 2017 for primary schools

4. Active directory administration is not a category that is recorded on the current Helpdesk system.  Nearest category would be user management – 2927 calls but Active Directory Administration does not equate to User Management and vice versa.

5. The Council’s ICT Section provides a centralised service for Moray Schools and this is supplemented by technicians in the secondary schools.

6. Promethean ActivPanel i65.

7. Total expenditure for interactive boards for 2017 was circa £400,000

8. Not available.

9.  None recorded.

10. No / Not applicable.

11. There is no specific password policy document; information about passwords is contained within the Council’s Computer Use Policy and Corporate Information Security Policy.

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