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If possible please provide the details in an excel spreadsheet.

1.   Do you provide in-house technical IT support services to the schools in your local Authority?

If yes:

I.    How many primary schools do you provide IT Support Services to?
II.   How many secondary schools do you provide IT Support Services to? Ill.  What's the length of the standard contract that schools sign up to?
IV. When in the year do schools next review their IT Support Service contract with you? V.   Which of the below IT Support Services do you provide to schools?
i. Remote Support (3rd /4th  line)
ii. Managed Service
iii.            Ad Hoc onsite days

If no:

I.    Do you have any approved partners that you use to provide IT support services?
i. If so, please confirm who your approved partners are?
ii. When does your current contract with each of the approved partners expire?

2.    How much does each school pay for their IT Support Service, per annum?
I.    <£1000
II.    £1000-£3000
Ill.  £3000-£5000
IV. £5000-£10,000
v. £10,000+

Response 05-03-20183


I. 45

II.  8

Ill. The schools don’t sign up to any contracts.

IV.Not applicable

V. The ICT Section provides all aspects of ICT Support to schools.

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