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•    Provide me with the number of late payments to private sector firms over the last 3 years, broke down by financial year. Additionally could these numbers be provided as a percentage of the total payment made by the Council?

Response 05-03-2018

Local Government Benchmarking Framework is a comparative benchmarking framework for Scottish Local Government that supports the targeting of improvement activities and resources in terms of efficiency / costs, productivity and outcomes.

The Framework includes the indicator, Percentage of invoices sampled that were paid within 30 days.  The results for this indicators are as follows -

                                                Moray                                   Scotland

2016-17                                90.2%                                    93.1%

2015-16                                89.8%                                    92.8%

2014-15                                88.0%                                    92.5%

2013-14                                86.9%                                    91.9%

2012-13                                81.9%                                    90.5%

2011-12                                85.8%                                    90.2%

2010-11                                89.0%                                    89.5%

Following publication of the national data set, the Council publish a Benchmarking Overview Report.  The most recent available is 2015/16, that shows comparator data can be viewed using the link

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