FOI Request Sleep-In Carers

Request 101001737366

Do you directly provide any care services  in which care staff perform sleep-in shifts?

If yes, are the care workers paid a lump sum for the sleep-in shifts or are they paid an hourly rate?

If they are paid a lump sum, what steps do you take to ensure that their average hourly wage - when all their working time is taken into account - is compliant with the National Living Wage?

Do you commission care employers who employ care workers on sleep-in shifts?

Please list those providers.

Are those providers required by you to pay care workers who work sleep-in shifts at an hourly rate, as opposed to a lump sum?

Do you carry out any checks to ensure that those care workers contracted by your council are paid at least the National Living Wage?

Have you given any guidance to your care providers who employ workers on sleep-in shifts about ensuring compliance with the National Living Wage?

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