FOI Request Alcohol Delivery Services Licenses

Request 101001738223

I would like to know if your council has given licenses to alcohol delivery services in your area and if so, how many, and what the conditions are. We would also like the names of the companies.

It would be good to know the present figures, and figures for the last two four years if possible.

Response 26-02-2018

We issue licences to sell alcohol.

Whether any particular licence holder plans to include deliveries is up to them. That sort of detail would normally appear in the operating plan but there are no current (or past) operating plans in Moray that reflect a business plan centred around alcohol delivery.

We have not granted any premises licences in respect of a mobile premises. That is a very difficult thing to do as legislation is phrased such that each place where the mobile premises is used for the sale of alcohol is treated as a separate premises.

As a result of the remote sales provisions a warehouse where alcohol is specifically selected and packaged for delivery has to be licensed. That is not the same as giving a licence to an alcohol delivery service.

We assume the requester is talking about the kind of service where alcohol is ordered for delivery like one would order a pizza for delivery. The kind of service where under age sales are harder to monitor. In those circumstances the delivery service is exactly that - a delivery service. The sale takes places where the alcohol is packaged and despatched - a pub or warehouse that is licensed for off sales - and so the delivery service may not need a licence itself.

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