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Request 101001738604

I would like to know how much the council have overspent on the traffic lights on the High St in Buckie and why the road has been narrowed at the south and west church?

Response 05-03-2018

It is not clear yet what the final out turn cost is on this project.  The overall budget for the traffic signal installation was £105,000, however, additional work has been undertaken by the Roads Maintenance Team contracting side while working in the area.

This gave us some efficiencies that two schemes were combined and the overall improvement covered a wider area than the traffic signal scheme. As a result the out turn costs for all the work are higher than our budget. The Roads Maintenance Team are currently separating the cost of their additional work from the overall scheme cost. It is expected that the traffic signal scheme will come in on or under the overall budget provision of £105,000 but this has not been clarified yet.

The road has been narrowed to allow the traffic signals to be laid out properly East Cathcart Street  was over wide at this location and not appropriate for a signalised junction layout. The narrowing of the carriageway means the signals can be sited properly and the traffic still has all the space required to make the manoeuvres at the signalised junction.

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