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•How much of the council’s waste, and what percentage of the total amount, is sent to a) landfill, b) incineration or c) recycled, d) reused in each of the last three years.
- Note, for the information above, please also detail how far the waste has to travel to reach the landfill, incinerator, or recycling plant.
•How much of the council’s waste, and what percentage of the total amount, is exported to a) Europe, b) the rest of the UK, c) China and Asia, d) rest of the world.

Response 06-03-2018


                                Total Tonnage                  Recycled Tonnage           Recycled %         Landfill Tonnage               Landfill %             Re-use Tonnage (Wastebusters)

2014-15                50,902                                   27,681                                   54.4                        23,221                                   45.6                        131.22

2015-16                50,116                                   28,778                                   57.4                        21,338                                   42.6                        151.22

2016-17                51,968                                   30,698                                   59.1                        21,253                                   40.9                        156.76

1a.Landfill waste goes to Moray Council operated landfill site at Dallachy, Spey Bay

1b. Moray Council currently sends no waste for incineration.

1c. Green & food waste goes to New Deer, Aberdeenshire.  Wood, metal, rubble goes to: Williamsons, Elgin; DS Metals, Forres; Greys Recycling, Dallachy.  Card goes to Fife.  Plastic goes to Perth (segregated, then granulated on site NOT exported).  Mixed paper goes to Shotton Mill, North Wales.  Glass goes to a third party broker in Mid-Lothian, then onto various reprocessors in Europe.

1d. Re-use materials are diverted to Wastebusters in Forres

2. Only our glass currently is exported to Europe.

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