FOI Request Affordable Housing

Request 101001743455

Q1) In each of the following financial years:

2017-to present date of this request

Please state for each year:
a) how many (number) of homes have been approved
b) how many (number) of these were affordable homes.

Q2) What is your current affordable housing target expressed as a percentage.

Q3)How many Section 106 agreements have agreed with developers since the Growth and Infrastructure Act became law in April 2013? Please break this down into the same financial years as in Q1

Q4: How many of these Section 106 agreements successfully resulted in the loss or gain in the number of affordable homes?

Q5: For each financial year, please state:
a) The total number of affordable homes that have been lost or gained as a result of
the renegotiations

b) How this compares with the number originally specified.

Clarification requested 26-02-2018

No clarification received therefore case closed 20-04-2018

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