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The information requested concerns new housing developments, as set out in Local Development Plans.

1. Please confirm that the term 'houses' when used to indicate the capacity of new residential development sites includes any self-contained residential unit, i.e. detached houses, terraced houses, maisonettes, flats etc.
2. Please confirm my understanding that a development site capacity expressed as e.g. 300 houses means a total of 300 residential units, however defined, which are each separately registered for Council Tax.
3. If this is correct I would like to know how many such units have been built on development site R2 (East Whins and West Whins) at Findhorn, (including inter alia post codes IV36 3TH, IV36 3SH) first designated for development in the 2008 Local Plan.
4. If the development on site R2 is not complete, please tell me the total number of residential units expected on completion.
5. Please tell me how much of the total housing on this site is 'affordable housing'.

Response 14-03-2018

1. The term houses is used to indicate the capacity of residential sites i.e. the number of units and includes all forms of housing such as  detached properties, terraces, maisonettes and flats.  Capacity figures within the Local Development Plan are indicative and proposed capacities will be considered against the characteristics of the site.  For example a flatted development of sheltered housing will take up less land when compared to a development of detached properties.

2/3. As stated site capacities are indicative, however, 300 houses is the same as 300 units.  Council Tax registration depends on the use of the building, so there may be circumstances where there are units within a development that are exempt from Council Tax ( e.g. student accommodation, dementia units or self-contained granny annexes). It would therefore be a matter for the Grampian Assessors to determine Council Tax classification.

4. The details of the development of the site are;

East Whins (25 units) completed
West Whins (21 units) still under construction with 3 individual house plots to be completed.

5. There are 9 affordable houses across the two phases of development East and West Whins.

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