FOI Request Chewing Gum

Request 101001748014

1. Is your organisation involved with cleaning spent chewing gum from streets and public open spaces in
your area?
a. If, no, how is this dealt with?
2. What type of equipment is used to remove the chewing gum?
a. Is this owned or hired?
3. What was the cost of clean-up for 2016/17?
4. How many complaints were receive during 2016/17 regarding spent chewing gum on the streets and
public open spaces?
5. Do you have a littering policy or strategy which includes how the issue of chewing gum will be dealt
6. Do you undertake any educational work or anti-littering initiatives to reduce the problem within your
a. If yes, please specify?

Response 19-03-2018

1. We have been in the past.  Elgin bid have a gum removal machine which we can and have operated on their behalf.

1a. N/A.

2. Steam sprayer with handheld lance.

2a. Owned by Elgin BID.

3. Nil.

4. Nil.

5. No specific littering policy or strategy, we refer to the code of practice on litter.

6. Talks at schools on general littering, however no specific mention of gum.  Joint patrols with community wardens on littering.

6a. As above.

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