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Request 101001749630

Please provide me with the following:

• A copy of the council’s register of restored lairs (;
• In relation to section 32 of the above Act, by financial year, (a) how many consultations have been made regarding the restoration of lairs and in which cemetery, (b) how many of these consultations resulted in lairs being re-used/restored and where, and (c) for what total £ amount did the council buy or sell “rights of burial” in relation to restored lairs?
• For each of the last 10 financial years (including 2017/18 to date), what was the fee charged for cremations and burials?
• Under the terms set out in the National Assistance Act 1948, all local authorities are required to provide burial or cremation for individuals who die without means (“paupers’ funerals” to use the colloquial term) within their respective district boundaries. For each of the last 10 financial years (including 2017/18 to date), how many such individuals have been buried and cremated. I want a separate number per year for burials and cremations;
• As of now, what is the cost of (a) a ‘pauper’ burial (including cost of coffin), and (b) a ‘pauper’ cremation.

Response 05-03-2018

1. The Moray Council does not have one and does not have any restored lairs.

2. None.

3. N/A.


The following  funerals have been arranged by the Environmental Health Section in terms of Section 50 of the National Assistance Act 1948 in the undernoted financial years (unless otherwise stated no cremations were carried out):

2008-09: three burials

2009-10: one burial

2010-11: three burials

2011-12: one burial

2012-13: two burials

2013-14: two burials

2014-15: five burials and one cremation

2015-16: two burials and one cremation

2016-17: four burials

2017 -18 (up to 1/3/18): four burials


                (a): the average cost of a funeral with a burial, inclusive of Moray Council staff costs, is £1880.

                (b): the most recent cremation was in October 2015 and cost £2449.50 (cremations are only arranged when there are sufficient funds in the deceased person’s estate and when a cremation has been specified in a will).

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