FOI Request Retained Emergency Service Workers

Request 101001752026

1: Whether your local authority offers special leave / public duty leave for council staff to fulfil public duties relating to the emergency services. Such duties include: retained fire fighters, special constables, on call NHS / Community responders, search and rescue workers, the RNLI and any other emergency services workers. it does not include jury service or armed forces, or sitting on a health authority board / committee.

2: If the local authority offers such special leave for the emergency services, is it paid or unpaid? If it is paid, how many days / hours are offered per calender year?

3: If the local authority pays staff to take such leave, for a copy of this policy. And the number of staff who have taken the leave between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017 (broken down by 'emergency service' in part one.

4: If the local authority does not offer such special leave, whether there are plans to introduce such a policy.

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Response 23-03-2018

1-4. See attached here

3. 3 Firefighters and 1 Coastguard volunteer. 

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