FOI Request Flexible Homelessness Support Grant

Request 101001752137

1. Please provide a breakdown of how the council has spent its
Flexible Homelessness Support Grant to date, as provided by the
Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government from 1 April 2017.

2. Has the council given any of this grant to a property company
owned/run by the council? If yes, how much money has been given, and
please detail how will the money be spent, and on what kind of accommodation*?

* "Kind of accommodation" refers to whether a project/planned project consists of affordable housing, market rate, or mixed.

Please provide a response in an Excel/CSV format.

Response 06-03-2018

The Flexible Homelessness Support Grant is a grant is funding from Westminster for English Local Authorities-full details can be found here "Flexible homelessness support grant: 2018-18 to 2018-19"

The Scottish Government has devolved powers which includes housing and does not have a flexible homeless support grant for local authorities in Scotland.

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