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What happens to all the recycling waste in Moray from the different bins?
Where does it end up and how is it recycled for all types of waste?

Also do you have the facts and figures to how much gets sent where?

Response 21-03-2018

Q1 & 2 Purple Bin - All contents are sent to our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Lossiemouth, for further segregation treatment. This treatment segregates, plastics, aluminium and steel. The process also removes any non-recyclable contamination. The plastics are baled and sent to Wyllie Recycling. The steel goes to JGW's. The aluminium goes to Novelis.

Blue Bin - Mixed papers from the blue bin are sent to Saica Ltd. We also bale cardboard and send it to Saica Ltd.

Brown Bin - Bio waste collected from the brown bins is sent to Keenan Recycling where it undergoes an In-Vessel Composting (IVC) process to create a high quality compost.

Orange Box - The glass collected from the orange box is sent to MKD32. Some of the glass goes to Dryden Aqua to be used in water filtration systems and some is exported abroad. This is at the discretion of MKD32 as they have the contract for all the glass from Moray.


Material Net Weight Tonnes Destination
Mixed Glass 3265.25 MKD 32 Ltd
Mixed Green and Food Waste 10573.41 Keenan Recycling Ltd
Card 1256.48 Saica
Mixed Paper And Card 4350.681 Saica
Aluminium Cans 106.92 Novellis UK Ltd
Steel Cans 281.66 J Gordon Williamson Ltd
Plastic (Types 1 and 2 only) 779.98 Wyllie Recycling Ltd
Co-mingled Plastic and Cans 219.18 Wyllie Recycling Ltd

Total 20833.561

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