FOI Request Job Descriptions and Payments

Request 101001753349

For your local authority, can you please provide us with the following information?
1) A copy of the Job Description for Support For Learning Assistants (or equivalent), teaching assistants and school support staff?
2) The rates of pay applicable to these roles and their pay scales?
3) Confirmation of the value of any additional payments or Working Context and Demands payments that the post attracts?
4) Confirmation of the value of a first aid payment, how many employees in the above roles are in receipt of it within your local authority, and what pay grades receive this additional payment

Response 21-03-2018

1) The information you requested is available at the following links:

Children's Supervisor

Classroom Assistant

Lunchtime Auxiliary

Pupil Support Assistant

2) Grade 2 £14891 - £15984
Grade 3 £16248 - £17492

3) None

4a) First Aid payment is £30.5 and there are 3 employees receiving a first aid payment in the above roles.  

4b) Grade 2 & 3.

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