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Please supply the names, religious organisation represented, and date of original appointment of the representatives of religion on your Education Committee or, if you do not have an Education Committee as such, on the committee that oversees your Council?s school system. 

Please state whether these individuals have the right to vote in this Committee.

Are the representatives of religion invited to sit on any other committees or council bodies? If so, please give details, including details of any voting rights. 

For each of these individuals, please state how they were appointed. If appointment was not through nomination by the Catholic Church or the Church of Scotland, please state: How was this person selected, and by whom? 

How was the position advertised, and what other methods were used to notify potential applicants? What were the criteria used to select among candidates? 

Are any of the positions for representatives of religion currently vacant? If so, how long have they been vacant, and what action is in progress to fill the vacancy?

Response 08-03-2018

Rev Alastair Gray (Church of Scotland) Represenative from 1 April 2017

Rev Christopher Ketley (Other – Scottish Episcopal Church) Representative from 6 June 2012

Mrs Anne Currie (Roman Catholic) Representative from 1 January 2018

Yes, they do have a right to vote - Please find background information here


The Church of Scotland and Roman Catholic representatives were nominated by each organisation. 

The Other representative position was advertised in the local press only.  Advert attached here


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