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1. How many times have Looked after Children (children in care) staying in residential placements under the care of your respective councils, run away from their accommodation in the last 10 years? 

a) In how many of these instances were police involved in helping to locate the child? 

b)Can you please clarify in each case if the child was reported missing? 

c)For each case, how long was the child missing for? 

d)What age was the youngest child who went missing? The oldest?

Can you please break down the figures year by year and, if possible, by month? Can you please endeavour to provide the most up to date figures possible?

2. In total, how many Looked after Children are currently cared for in residential placements by your council? 

3.How many Looked after Children is your local authority responsible for in total? (i.e. those cared for at home/ by a relative etc)

Response 28-03-2018

1. 2016 - 4
a) This information is not recorded in a manner that would enable an accurate answer. However those noted as having run away in the Q above - will have been reported missing, because they had run away, so there would have been police involvement.
b)  As above 
c)  As above – if reported before- then that applies.
e) The numbers are so low that to provide this information would risk identifying individuals. This information is therefore exempt under section 38(1)b of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

2. 24

3. As above

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