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Request 101001758230

With reference to The Daily Mile - - Can you please advise of the following for each Primary School in your authority:

How many schools currently participate in The Daily Mile? (please list those schools which do)

For the schools who do participate:

• When did they introduce the Daily Mile?  
• Was there any consultation with parents or carers beforehand?
• Have there been any complaints from parents or carers about their child / children doing the Daily Mile?  If so, please give basic details of the complaint(s)
• Does the whole school participate or just certain classes?
• Do the classes do the Daily Mile every day during term time, or is it ad hoc (e.g. is it a staple part of the curriculum or only done occasionally?)

For the schools who do not currently participate:

• Do they have any plans to do so?  
• If not, do they have any information why not? (e.g. no space in curriculum, not interested, no suitable location to walk / run etc.)

Response 28-03-2018

21 schools participate.  These are: Alves, Anderson's, Applegrove, Bishopmill, Botriphnie, Craigellachie,  Findochty, Hythehill, Kinloss, Lhanbryde, Logie, Millbank, Mortlach, Mosstodloch, Mosstowie, New Elgin, Portessie, Rothes, St Peter's, St Sylvester's, Tomintoul.

A letter was sent to parents advising that the school would be participating.
There have been no complaints.
15 schools have whole school participation. Certain classes participate in the other 6 schools.
10 schools participate every day (weather permitting) with the remainder participating once or twice a week.

For those schools who do not participate, there are no plans to do so.  The reasons given are that there is no room in the curriculum, no suitable space to walk and some schools have participated in the past but pupils were no longer interested.

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