FOI Request The Daily Mile

Request 101001758230

With reference to The Daily Mile - - Can you please advise of the following for each Primary School in your authority:

How many schools currently participate in The Daily Mile? (please list those schools which do)

For the schools who do participate:

• When did they introduce the Daily Mile?  
• Was there any consultation with parents or carers beforehand?
• Have there been any complaints from parents or carers about their child / children doing the Daily Mile?  If so, please give basic details of the complaint(s)
• Does the whole school participate or just certain classes?
• Do the classes do the Daily Mile every day during term time, or is it ad hoc (e.g. is it a staple part of the curriculum or only done occasionally?)

For the schools who do not currently participate:

• Do they have any plans to do so?  
• If not, do they have any information why not? (e.g. no space in curriculum, not interested, no suitable location to walk / run etc.)

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