FOI Request Homeless Deaths

Request 101001758262

1. Please detail how many verified rough sleepers have died in the
council's territory in the last 5 calendar years (2013, 2014, 2015,
2016, 2017). Provide a figure for each calendar year, and break down
each instance by age, date, gender, geographical location and "No
Recourse to Public Funds" status (yes/no).

[exclude the following part if it exceeds FOI limitations]

For each incident, please detail whether the person had an open
homelessness application, accessed homeless services or was known to
be a rough sleeper by your local authority.


Note: Verified rough sleepers should include all those in temporary accommodation including hostels, B&Bs - local authority run and commissioned. Those in supported housing - local authority run and commissioned.

Please provide a response in an Excel/CSV format.

Response 02-04-2018


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