FOI Request Highways Questionnaire

Request 101001759812

I would be grateful if you could forward the enclosed questionnaire to your Highways Department for completion and return to me 

Question (1)              
Name of Highway Authority:    
Highway Design Consultant:    
Question (2)              
Number of Staff dedicated to the Highway Design Office?    
Question (3)              
What is the current Highways Budget ?        
        % Operation / Mainenance ?  
        % Capital / New Build ?  
Question (4)              
Which BIM software is used for developing Works Information ?  
* Revit            
* 3D Autocad          
* Bentley MX          
* 3D Civils            
* Infraworks 360          
* Other            
Question (5) `            
Which documents form the BIM workflow ?      
* Organisation Information Requirements (OIR)    
* Asset Information Requirements (AIR)      
* Asset Information Plan (AIP)        
* Employers Information Requirements (EIR)    
* BIM Execution Plan (BEP)        
* Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP)      
* Office Quality BIM Manual        
* Other / none          
Question (6)              
Is an Information Manager in place to manage BIM processes ?    
Question (7)              
Percentage of projects undertaken using BIM in the last 12 months ?  
Question (8)              
Rank organisations favoured Business Process Improvement Method ?    
1 Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)      
2 Sigma Six          
3 Kaizen            
4 Total Quality Management (TQM)      
5 Other            
Question (9)              
BIM Common Data Enviroment (CDE) software used / none ?    
Question (10)              
Do contracts refer to BIM ?          
Question (11)              
Aspiration for implementing and or maintaining a BIM Workflow?  
Question (12)              
Is a BIM workflow ( end to end process ) currently in place ?    
Question (13)              
Which BIM standards do projects currently comply with ?    
* BS1192 - Code of Practice        
* PAS 1192 part (2) - Capital Expentditure (CAPEX)    
* PAS 1192 part (3) - Operational Expenditure (OPEX)    
* PAS 1192 part (4) - Information Exchange (COBie)    
* PAS 1192 part (5) - Information Security      
* IAN 182 - Major Scheme Handover Asset Management  
* IAN 184 - Highways CAD / BIM Standard      
Question (14)              
Is a Highways Central Asset Management System currently in place?  
Please state name of Asset Mangement System ?      
Question (15)              
Asset Management System link to BIM Asset Information Models (AIM's) ?    
Question (16)              
BIM Asset Information Models (AIM's) used for maintenance works ?      
Question (17)              
Is your organisation a BIM Level (2) Accredited Service?    
Question (18)              
What Is your percieved current BIM Level?        
* BIM Level (0) - 2D CAD based drafting only     
* BIM Level (1) - 2D CAD based drafting & CDE file sharing    
* BIM Level (2) - 3D Federated Models & CDE file sharing    
* BIM Level (3) - CDE BIM Model for design & maintenance    
Question (19)              
Rank in order the perceived constraints preventing BIM implementation?      
1 Funding issues / cost         
2 Time to train staff / poor education and training policy    
3 Organisation culture / resistance      
4 Staff insecurity / resistance to change      
5 Management support and leadership      
6 Poorly defined objectives implemenation plan     
7 Loss of authority          
8 Poor information systems developed      
9 Poor preparation and planning        
Question (20)                
Based on your perception, please rate the importance of improving Service Quality in   
the delivery of Highways projects / maintenace utilising BIM in the following areas?   
Service Quality Dimension         (Low =1 & High =10)          Importance   
                        (1 to 10)  
Technical features              
Accuracy of service (improving accuracy of information)    
Speed of service ( faster project / targeted maintenace delivery)  
Flexibility of service (ability to customise to suit client needs)    
Compliance with the BIM 2016 mandate to access Government funds  
Improving the Highway design / construction / maintenance service  
Simulation to provide an accurate service / design (right first time)  
Simulation to improve traffic / pedestrian flows and whole life costing  
Stakeholder Responsiveness          
Ability to present  good options using walkthroughs and visualisations  
Including stakeholders in the BIM design process      
Provision of a prompt service (speed and efficiency)      
Availability to answer customer / stakeholder questions    
Assurance / Quality            
Providing safe, confident and collaborative works       
Developing a virtual model to reduce errors (build before you build)   
Developing coloborative BIM compliant supply chains.    
Developing Asset Infomration Models (AIM's) for maintenance    
Improving Asset Management Systems         
Service Accreditations (BIM Level (2) / (3))      
Reducing the costs of project delivery        
Reducing the costs of asset  operation and maintenance    
Reducing admin costs due to double data entry / lost information  
Providing the right information on time for better decision making.  
Better design, ( more time designing less time drafting )    
Increased productivity, automated tasks such as quantity take off.  
Reduction in rework, updating several CAD drawings / design change.  
Quality of documentation / products associated with the service  
Winning repeat business based on BIM benefits      
Building a collaborative BIM supply chain        
Staff recruitment and retention, well paid highly skilled employees  

Response 03-04-2018

In accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 we can confirm that this information is not held. 

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