FOI Request Section 37(1) Education (Scotland) Act 1980

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How many Section 37(1) Education (Scotland) Act 1980 have been implemented in your local authority over the last 3 years.  

37 Power of education authority where not satisfied that parent is providing efficient education for his child.
(1)Where a child of school age has not attended a public school in the area in which his parent is residing, or has attended such a school and has been withdrawn therefrom with the consent of, or excluded by, the education authority, then, if the authority are not satisfied that the parent is providing efficient education for him suitable to his age, ability and aptitude, it shall be the duty of the authority to serve a notice on the parent requiring him within such time as may be specified in the notice (not being less than seven or more than fourteen days from the service thereof) either—
(a)to appear (with or without the child) before the authority and give such information as the authority may require regarding the means, if any, he has adopted for providing education, or
(b)in the option of the parent, to give such information to the authority in writing

How many children in your council are:
a)  Registered as attending school
b)  Registered at being Home Schooled

Response 02-04-2018

1. None
a) 11,905 children are registered as attending school
b) 43 children are registered as being home schooled

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