February 2020 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
03-02-2020 Microchip Scanning Devices Environmental Services
  Telecare Education and Social Care
  Libraries Education and Social Care
  Payment Technology Environmental Services
  Accessible Housing Environmental Services
04-02-2020 Accessible Formats Chief Executive's Office
  Relocated Households Environmental Services
  Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan Environmental Services
  Shipping Containers as Emergency Accommodation Environmental Services
05-02-2020 Consultancy Services Corporate Services
  Potholes 2007 to 2020 Multiple Services
  Social Care Education and Social Care
  Health and Social Care Commissioning Services Education and Social Care
  Drugs Litter Environmental Services
  Religious Schools Education and Social Care
06-02-2020 Sport and Leisure Education and Social Care
  Deaths with No Next of Kin February 2020 Education and Social Care
  Flights Taken by Staff Corporate Services
  Dangerous Wild Animal Licences Corporate Services
  Semi-Independent Homes and HMOs Education and Social Care
07-02-2020 Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education and Social Care
10-02-2020 Business Rates Contact Corporate Services
11-02-2020 Fit Life Members Education and Social Care
  High Hedges, Trees or Plants Environmental Services
  ANPR Instalments Environmental Services
12-02-2020 Employees who Work with Children or Vulnerable People Multiple Services
  Waste Collection Environmental Services
  Forres Golf Course Corporate Services
  Departures 2018/19 Corporate Services
13-02-2020 Trading Standards Resources Environmental Services
  EPC Ratings of Council Houses Environmental Services
  Pest Control Measures Environmental Services
  Houses Environmental Services
  UC Claimants' Rent Arrears Environmental Services
14-02-2020 Council Fleet Environmental Services
  Council Expenditure or Payment to Suppliers Corporate Services
  Dog Waste Environmental Services
  Public Screenings of Euro 2020 Chief Executive's Office
17-02-2020 Assaults on Teachers by Pupils Education and Social Care
  Pothole Claims Environmental Services
  Performers Paid to Attend Council Events Chief Executive's Office
  Staffing Corporate Services
  Electric Vehicle Chargepoints Environmental Services
  Meals on Wheels Service Education and Social Care
  Non-Disclosure Agreements Corporate Services
  National Assistance Act Funerals Environmental Services
  Deaths With No Next Of Kin, With Council Guardian Environmental Services
  Positions of Trust Education and Social Care
  Live Streaming of Council Meetings Corporate Services
  Littering Environmental Services
  Maintenance of Green Spaces Environmental Services
  Maintenance of Green Spaces (Frequency) Environmental Services
  Waste Environmental Services
  Litter Fines and Notices Environmental Services
18-02-2020 Carers' Assessments Education and Social Care
  Cycling Infrastructure Environmental Services
  Council Meetings Attendance Corporate Services
  Dog Fouling Complaints Environmental Services
  Drug and Alcohol Funding Education and Social Care
  Bullying Education and Social Care
  Christmas and New Year Spend Chief Executive's Office
  Electric Charging Points Environmental Services
  "Good" and "Outstanding" Schools Education and Social Care
  Forres Town Hall Education and Social Care
19-02-2020 School Clothing Grant Corporate Services
  Taxi Licences Corporate Services
  RIDDOR Reported Injuries Environmental Services
  Secondary School Transfers Education and Social Care
20-02-2020 Safeguarding Education and Social Care
  Housing Environmental Services
  Antisocial Behaviour Environmental Services
  Children in Care Education and Social Care
21-02-2020 5G Strategy Multiple Services
  Council Properties Environmental Services
  Services for Vulnerable Adults Education and Social Care
24-02-2020 Blue Badges Education and Social Care
  Period Dignity Multiple Services
  Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Schools Multiple Services
25-02-2020 Information Technology Corporate Services
  Mail Corporate Services
  Council Tax Payments Corporate Services
  Register of Interest Corporate Services
  Specialist Car Seats Education and Social Care
  Telephones, Mobiles and Procurement Corporate Services
26-02-2020 Bin Collections Environmental Services
  Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Environmental Services
  Section 2 (1) Children and Young People Act 2014 Education and Social Care
  Employee Exit Packages Corporate Services
  Computing Teachers in Schools Education and Social Care
27-02-2020 Road Maintenance Spend Environmental Services
  Domestic Abuse Funding Education and Social Care
  Tablets and Computers Corporate Services
28-02-2020 Establishments Which Sell Alcohol Corporate Services

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