March 2020 FOI Requests

Please be advised that due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic it will be unlikely that requests are answered within their respective statutory time-scales. The Council is working hard to ensure that resources are focused on delivering and supporting essential services. We appreciate your cooperation during this unprecedented situation.

Date Request Department
02-03-2020 School Starting Age Education and Social Care
  Age, Gender and Ethnic Origin Data Corporate Services
  Smoking FPNs Environmental Services
  Recycling Percentages Environmental Services
  Whistleblowing Corporate Services
  ACM Cladding Environmental Services
  Distillery Licenses Corporate Services
  EU Nationals Environmental Services
  Coronavirus Planning Environmental Services
  Energy and Printing Bills Multiple Services
  Home Care Visits Education and Social Care
  Sexual Abuse Education and Social Care
03-03-2020 Firewall and Anti-virus Software Corporate Services
  Web Filtering Corporate Services
  National Assistance Act Funerals Environmental Services
  Deaths With No Next of Kin (Guardians) Environmental Services
04-03-2020 LGBT History Month Chief Executive
  Mental Health At Work Corporate Services
  Potholes Environmental Services
  Social Housing Environmental Services
  Corporate Appointeeship Corporate Services
05-03-2020 Rough Sleeper Support Service Environmental Services
06-03-2020 Severance and Voluntary Redundancy Packages Corporate Services
  Traffic Wardens Environmental Services
  Casework by Councillors Corporate Services
  Council Spending Corporate Services
09-03-2020 Farms Environmental Services
  Art Multiple Services
  Scottish Conservative Prize Draw Society  
  Election Data Corporate Services
10-03-2020 School Trips Education and Social Care
  Part A2/B Enforcements Environmental Services
12-03-2020 Universal Credit Funding Corporate Services
  Council Tax Arrears Corporate Services
  Microsoft Office 365 Backup Policy Corporate Services
13-03-2020 Fly Tipping Incidents Multiple Services
16-03-2020 Loo Roll Crisis Environmental Services
  Royal Hotel in Forres Environmental Services
  Cycle Path Environmental Services
  Incidents of Upskirting at Leisure Centres Education and Social Care
17-03-2020 Taxi, Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Corporate Services
  Number of S5 and S6 Students Education and Social Care
  Cleaning Budgets Environmental Services
  Overturned Planning Decisions Environmental Services
18-03-2020 Looked After Children Education and Social Care
19-03-2020 Dangerous Wild Animals Corporate Services
  Houses in Moray Corporate Services
  Peat Extraction Environmental Services
20-03-2020 Complaints of Bullying and Harrassment Corporate Services
  Restriction of Smoking in Social Housing Multiple Services
  Print Systems Corporate Services
  Zero Hours Contracts Corporate Services
26-03-2020 Meeting Management System Corporate Services
  LAN Contract Corporate Services
  Bus Lanes Environmental Services
27-03-2020 COVID19, Business Financial Advice Corporate Services
31-03-2020 Alcohol Spending Corporate Services
  Public Health Act Funerals Environmental Services
  Council Guardians, Deceased Persons Environmental Services

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