April 2020 FOI Requests

Please be advised that due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic it will be unlikely that requests are answered within their respective statutory time-scales. The Council is working hard to ensure that resources are focused on delivering and supporting essential services. We appreciate your cooperation during this unprecedented situation.


Date Request Department
02-04-2020 Staff Overpayments Corporate Services
03-04-2020 School Bus Timetables Environmental Services
  Domestic MEES Environmental Services
07-04-2020 Vacant Dwellings by Council Tax Band Corporate Services
  Community Equipment Service Corporate Services
08-04-2020 Street Furniture Advertising Environmental Services
13-04-2020 2019 Flights Corporate Services
  Statue Costs Environmental Services
  Visual Privacy in Planning Environmental Services
  Student Discounts, Council Tax Corporate Services
  Requests for Help with Livestock Environmental Services
15-04-2020 Paupers Funerals Environmental Services
  Guardian Deaths Environmental Services
16-04-2020 Video Conferencing Software Corporate Services
17-04-2020 5G Strategy Corporate Services, Environmental Services
22-04-2020 Taxis and Private Hire Cares Corporate Services
  Residual and Recyclate Collection Environmental Services
23-04-2020 ICT Suppliers Corporate Services
24-04-2020 Building Control Register Environmental Services
  Bottled Water All Services
  Contractors and co. Contact Details Corporate Services
27-04-2020 Telecare Services Corporate Services, Education and Social Care
  Security Marketing Info Corporate Services
28-04-2020 Telecare Enabled Care Marketing Corporate Services, Education and Social Care
  Fashion Retail Businesses, Coronavirus Grants Corporate Services
  COVID-19, Relief Business Rates Corporate Services
30-04-2020 Software Provision etc. Corporate Services
  Busses Owned and Leased Environmental Services
  Small Business Bonus Scheme Numbers Corporate Services
  Wages and School Uniform Grants Corporate Services, Education and Social Care

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