August 2020 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
03-08-2020 COVID Grant Schemes Multiple Services
  COVID Response and Equalities Corporate Services
04-08-2020 Coronavirus Policies Environmental Services
05-08-2020 Higher Results Education and Social Care
  Fly-tipping Environmental Services
  Health & Social Care Software Corporate Services
06-08-2020 Local Authority Funded Police Officers Corporate Services
  Contact Details Multiple Services
07-08-2020 Littering Environmental Services
10-08-2020 Engine Idling Environmental Services
  Payment for Funerals Environmental Services
  2020 Exam Results for Scottish Pupils Education and Social Care
  Appropriate Behaviour Guidance Corporate Services
  Emergency Planning Environmental Services
  Nutritional Standards for Residential Accommodation Multiple Services
11-08-2020 Hosting Corporate Services
12-08-2020 Early Learning Centres Multiple Services
  Active Travel Funding Environmental Services
  Medication Education and Social Care
  Historic Non Attendance at School Education and Social Care
13-08-2020 Grass Cutting or Verge Maintenance Environmental Services
  Flytipping 2 Multiple Services
  Prices Paid to Children's Home Providers Education and Social Care
  Subject Access Requests Education and Social Care
14-08-2020 Furloughed Staff and Suspended Services Multiple Services
  Amenity Pesticide Use Multiple Services
  Spending on Portraits Corporate Services
17-08-2020 Parking Fines Environmental Services
  Free Provision of Dog Poo Bags Environmental Services
  Horticultural Practices Environmental Services
  COVID Response Team Environmental Services
18-08-2020 Adult Safeguarding / Charity Referrals Education and Social Care
  Overseas Trips Corporate Services
  Primary and Secondary Teaching Jobs Education and Social Care
19-08-2020 Section 75 Agreements Environmental Services
  Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points Environmental Services
  Data Protection Officer Education and Social Care
20-08-2020 Community Equipment Education and Social Care
  Noise Complaints and Neighbours Multiple Services
  Parking Fines 2 Environmental Services
  Children's Services Multiple Services
21-08-2020 Deaf/Hard of Hearing Pupils Education and Social Care
  Cost of Hotel / B&B Accommodation for Homeless People Environmental Services
24-08-2020 Facilities & Utilities Data Collection Multiple Services
  Local Police Plans Corporate Services
  Insurance Corporate Services
  Risk Based Verification and Automated Decision Making Multiple Services
  Cemetery Layouts Environmental Services
  Secondary School Timetables 2020/21 Education and Social Care
25-08-2020 Christmas Decorations Multiple Services
  Furniture Provision Multiple Services
  Homeless Funding Environmental Services
  Discretionary Deferral Funding Stats for 2020-2021 Education and Social Care
  Teacher Recruitment Education and Social Care
  Mannachie Road Forres Environmental Services
26-08-2020 Noise Complaints Environmental Services
27-08-2020 Adults with Learning Disabilities in Long Term Care Education and Social Care
  Fly-tipping Offences Environmental Services
  Consultations and Community Engagement Software Chief Executive's Office
  Care Homes Education and Social Care
28-08-2020 Complementary and Alternative Medicines Practitioners Multiple Services
31-08-2020 Council Tax 2020/2021 Corporate Services
  Face Masks Education and Social Care
  Telephone Maintenance Corporate Services
  Waste Plastic Exportation Environmental Services

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