July 2020 FOI Requests

Please be advised that due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic it will be unlikely that requests are answered within their respective statutory time-scales. The Council is working hard to ensure that resources are focused on delivering and supporting essential services. We appreciate your cooperation during this unprecedented situation.


Date Request Department
02-07-2020 Speeding FPN's Environmental Services
  Waste Base Data Environmental Services
  Local Youth Forum Education & Social Care
  Environmental Health & Licensing Related Charges Corporate Services
  ICT Documents Corporate Services
  Useable Reserve Funding Corporate Services
  High Street Complaints Environmental Services
  Charity Referrals, Sanctions Education & Social Care
03-07-2020 Homelessness Applications Environmental Services; Corporate Services
  E-Scooter Consultations and Decisions Environmental Services; Corporate Services
  Provision of Goods and Services Corporate Services
  Beer Gardens and Similar Outdoor Spaces Environmental Services
  Key Worker Guidance Corporate Services
  Furlough Scheme Corporate Services
  Parking Fines Environmental Services
  Weekly Foster Care Allowance Education & Social Care
  Blue Badges Environmental Services
  Social Care Packages Education & Social Care
  School Meals Environmental Services
06-07-2020 Rent Arrears and Evictions Environmental Services
  Homeless Accommodation Environmental Services
  Housing Service Complaints Environmental Services
  Homeless Accommodation Inspections Environmental Services
  Section 11 Evictions Environmental Services
  Temporary Accommodation, Homeless Environmental Services
  Homeless Numbers Environmental Services
  Homelessness Moves Environmental Services
  Housebuilding Projects Environmental Services
  Homelessness Complaints Environmental Services
  Social Housing Property Numbers Environmental Services
  Accommodation Waiting Times Environmental Services
  Accommodation Waiting Times (2) Environmental Services
  Homelessness Housing Budget Environmental Services
  Incident Report Forms Corporate Services
  Fraudulent Applications Corporate Services
  Summary Warrants and co. Corporate Services
  Temporary Social Workers Education & Social Care
08-07-2020 Unpaid Council Tax Corporate Services
  Spaces for People Corporate Services
  Old Technology Corporate Services
  Disability Discrimination Complaints Corporate Services
09-07-2020 Dog Control Environmental Services
  Live-In Care Packages Education & Social Care
13-07-2020 Small Business Grants, Hunting and co. Corporate Services
  Working from Home Corporate Services
  Fire Door Inspections Environmental Services
  Unpaid Business Rate Credits Corporate Services
14-07-2020 Shielding Pupils and Staff Education & Social Care
  Parking Tickets Costs Environmental Services
  Grampian Local Resilience Partnership Corporate Services
  Probationer Teachers Education & Social Care
  Communication Support for Deaf or Hearing Impaired People Chief Executive's Office
15-07-2020 Foster Care Allowances Education & Social Care
16-07-2020 Parking Fines (2) Environmental Services
  Digital Library Services Education & Social Care
  Pothole Repairs Environmental Services
17-07-2020 Child Poverty Report Education & Social Care
20-07-2020 Pest Control Call Outs Environmental Services
21-07-2020 RME Teaching Education & Social Care
  Streetlighting Operators on Public Highways Environmental Services
22-07-2020 Violence in Schools 2017/18 to 2019/20 Education & Social Care
23-07-2020 Business Support Gant MOT Stations Corporate Services
  Personal Data Education & Social Care
24-07-2020 Use of GLOW Platform Corporate Services
  Fly-tipping / Illegally Dumped Waste 2020 Environmental Services
  DHP and Hardship Payments Corporate Services
  Number of Mental Health Counsellors in Secondary Schools Education & Social Care
27-07-2020 Minutes of Meeting on Business Support Grants Corporate Services
  Business Failure Environmental Services
  Business Support Grant Complaints Corporate Services
  Lack of Support Complaints Multiple Services
  Business Grants Corporate Services
  NDR Complaints Corporate Services
  Treatment Contract Environmental Services
  Business Support Grant Complaints 2 Corporate Services
  Spaces for People 2 Environmental Services
28-07-2020 Rent Pressure Zones Multiple Services
  Contact Information Environmental Services
30-07-2020 Council Parking Penalty Charge Notices Environmental Services
  Review of Care Home Coronavirus Deaths Education & Social Care
  Technology Enabled Care Education & Social Care
31-07-2020 Successful Business Grant Applications Corporate Services
  Emergency Accommodation for People Rough Sleeping Environmental Services
  Falling Masonry Environmental Services

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