May 2020 FOI Requests

Please be advised that due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic it will be unlikely that requests are answered within their respective statutory time-scales. The Council is working hard to ensure that resources are focused on delivering and supporting essential services. We appreciate your cooperation during this unprecedented situation.


Date Request Department
04-05-2020 Care Contract Terminations Education and Social Care
  Carbon Offsets Environmental Services
  Forestation Projects Environmental Services
05-05-2020 Elderly Care Fees Education and Social Care
  Social Care Staffing Education and Social Care
  Winter Maintenance Route Environmental Services
  Coronavirus Spending Corporate Services
  Expanded Retail Discount Corporate Services
06-05-2020 Domiciliary Care Spend Education and Social Care
  Municipal Waste Collections Information Environmental Services
07-05-2020 Covid-19 Financial Assessments Corporate Services
  Communication with Care Inspectorate Education and Social Care
11-05-2020 Legal Services Expenditure Corporate Services
  Care Home Emails Education and Social Care
12-05-2020 Software Contracts Corporate Services
14-05-2020 Wind Farm Decommissioning Environmental Services
18-05-2020 Digital Records Corporate Services
  Supported Accommodation Education and Social Care
19-05-2020 Coast Protection and Flood Risk Environmental Services
21-05-2020 Domestic Abuse Homeless Environmental Services
25-05-2020 LAC Accommodation Education and Social Care
  Kennels and Catteries Corporate Services
  Fly Tipping Environmental Services
26-05-2020 Regulation of Investigative Powers Act Corporate Services
27-05-2020 Covid-19 Support for Breweries Corporate Services
  Home Schooling Education and Social Care
  Disabled Housing Waiting List Environmental Services
28-05-2020 Financial Shortfall Corporate Services
  Transport Providers Environmental Services
  Covid-19 Cases in care Homes Education and Social Care
29-05-2020 Covid-19 Financial Impact Corporate Services
  Direct Payment Education and Social Care
  Gain and Loss of Employees Corporate Services
  Newly Self-Employed Hardship Fund Corporate Services
  Planning Acts Environmental Services

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