November 2020 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
02-11-2020 Additional Support for Shielded Group Chief Executive's Office
  Grants and Loans to MPs During the Covid Outbreak Corporate Services
  School Staff Overtime Education and Social Care
  PPE Multiple Services
03-11-2020 Sea Life Environmental Services
  Bus Shelter Non-domestic Rate Payments Corporate Services
  Food Standard Breaches by Takeaways Environmental Services
  Remuneration Corporate Services
  Teaching Vacancies Education and Social Care
  ELC Funding for Deferred Primary School Entry Education and Social Care
04-11-2020 Water Direct Scheme Corporate Services
  Covid-19 Support Funding Corporate Services
  Dyslexia Support Education and Social Care
  Mould and Damp Environmental Services
  Pollution Levels Around Schools Multiple Services
05-11-2020 Teachers Signed Off Work Corporate Services
  Face Mask Complaints Environmental Services
  Early Learning and Childcare Vacancies Education and Social Care
  STEM Teaching Education and Social Care
  Elgin Flood Alleviation Scheme Compensation Claims Corporate Services
  Penalty Charge Notices Environmental Services
  Evidence of Equality Chief Executive's Office
09-11-2020 Staff Member Attacks Corporate Services
  Cyber Attacks/E-crimes Corporate Services
  Dog Fouling Fixed Penalty Notices Environmental Services
  Contact Details Multiple Services
10-11-2020 Covid Relief Fund Corporate Services
  Low-Traffic Neighbourhoods Environmental Services
  Staff and Pupil Absence Multiple Services
  Coronavirus Funding Corporate Services
  PPE Spend Multiple Services
  Teachers and Pupils Self-Isolating Education and Social Care
  Teaching Vacancies 2020 Education and Social Care
  MPs Claiming LA Coronavirus Grant Payments Corporate Services
  Planning Assessments Environmental Services
  Scrap Metal Dealer Licences Corporate Services
  Local Authority Statistics Multiple Services
  Overnight Parking of Motor Homes Environmental Services
  Attacks on Teachers Education and Social Care
11-11-2020 Duties under the HRA Corporate Services
  Lamppost Banners Environmental Services
  Track and Trace App Corporate Services
  Self-Isolation Procedures in Schools Education and Social Care
  Community Payback Order Correspondence Education and Social Care
12-11-20 Scottish Welfare Fund Corporate Services
  Council Tax Reduction Scheme Corporate Services
  Discretionary Housing Payments Corporate Services
  School Health Screening Education and Social Care
13-11-20 School Sport Education and Social Care
  Inveravon Primary School Education and Social Care
  Covid-19 Financial Support Corporate Services
  Parking Permits Environmental Services
16-11-20 Performing Animals Regulations Corporate Services
  Self-Isolation Support Grants Corporate Services
18-11-2020 Care Services Education and Social Care
  Common Purpose Courses Corporate Services
  Legal Contact Details Corporate Services
20-11-2020 Employee Travel 2020 Multiple Services
  Recycling and Incineration Environmental Services
  Education Psychologists Education and Social Care
  Bereavement Support in Schools Education and Social Care
23-11-2020 Looked After Children Accommodation Education and Social Care
  Credit Card Spending Corporate Services
  Pupil Equity Fund Central Costs Education and Social Care
  Trees Multiple Services
  Gaelic Language Plan and Reports Education and Social Care
24-11-2020 Sustainability Budget Environmental Services
  COVID Support Payments Corporate Services
  Recruitment of Planner/Town Planners Environmental Services
25-11-2020 Library Staffing Education and Social Care
  Contact for Electric Vehicle Charging Environmental Services
  Homeless Services Environmental Services
  Empty Homes and Homelessness Multiple Services
  Contacts and ICT Corporate Services
  Higher Subject Choice Education and Social Care
26-11-2020 Racism in Local Schools Chief Executive's Office
  Information Relating to FOI Request Multiple Services
27-11-2020 Instrumental Music Tuition Education and Social Care
  Art etc Insurance Corporate Services
30-11-2020 BSL Provision in Education Education and Social Care
  Social Housing Environmental Services
  Virtual Meetings Multiple Services
  Claims Against the Council Corporate Services

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