September 2020 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-09-2020 Graffiti Incidents and Removal Costs in 2019 Environmental Services
  Non-Payment of Council Tax Due to COVID-19 Corporate Services
  Palantir Technologies Corporate Services
02-09-2020 Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles Corporate Services
  Households in Council Tax Arrears Corporate Services
  Contact Names Multiple Services
03-09-2020 Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Act Multiple Services
  Treasury Advisor Contract Corporate Services
  Litter Fines Multiple Services
04-09-2020 Judicial Review Claims Environmental Services
  Media Monitoring Since 2016 Corporate Services
07-09-2020 Data Processing Education and Social Care
  Gas Investment Environmental Services
08-09-2020 Gov Notify Multiple Services
  Theatres Licensing Corporate Services
  Second Homes and Council Tax Corporate Services
  Contact with Schoolhouse Education and Social Care
  Travel Distance 2 Environmental Services
  Payments to Directors/CEOs Corporate Services
  Councillor Activity Through Lockdown Corporate Services
  Covid-19: Absent Pupils due to Parental Concerns Education and Social Care
  Covid-19 Second Wave Environmental Services
09-09-2020 Short Term Let Licensing Contact Environmental Services
  Automated Recruitment Corporate Services
  Neighbour Complaints Environmental Services
  Citizenship Ceremonies Corporate Services
  Payment Systems Corporate Services
  Braelossie Corporate Services
10-09-2020 Pre-1980 Adoptions Education and Social Care
  LAC Citizenship Education and Social Care
  Equality Corporate Services
  Face Masks in Schools Education and Social Care
  Public Toilet Availability Environmental Services
  Installation and Removal of Charging Points Environmental Services
11-09-2020 School Vandalism Environmental Services
  Spaces For People Environmental Services
  Complaints Against Sports Coaches Education and Social Care
  Animal Welfare in Lockdown Environmental Services
  Licencing of Businesses Multiple Services
14-09-2020 Spynie Hospital Environmental Surveys Environmental Services
  Electronic Devices for Blended Learning Education and Social Care
  Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards 2019 and 2020 Education and Social Care
  Postal Services Corporate Services
  Anti-Social Behaviour Incidents Environmental Services
  COVID 19 and Staff Corporate Services
15-09-2020 Council Tax Reminders Corporate Services
  Homeless Households Environmental Services
16-09-2020 Changes to Cleaning Regimes for Schools Environmental Services
  Contingent Workers Corporate Services
  Gritting Roads Environmental Services
17-09-2020 Workplace Injury Corporate Services
  Council Tax on Vacant Dwellings and Second Homes Corporate Services
  EV Chargers Environmental Services
18-09-2020 Local Authority Search Corporate Services
  Deaths with No Next Of Kin Education and Social Care
  Carbon Monoxide Detectors Education and Social Care
  Review of 5G Strategy Multiple Services
21-09-2020 Peat Extraction Sites Environmental Services
  Outbreaks of SARS-COV2 in Schools Education and Social Care
22-09-2020 Facilities Management Environmental Services
  Community Payback Orders Education and Social Care
  Finance, HR/Payroll Systems and Tax Corporate Services
23-09-2020 Removals from School Roll and Resignations Education and Social Care
24-09-2020 Decarbonistion Costs Environmental Services
  Staff Furlough and Redundancies Corporate Services
  Universal Credit Environmental Services
25-09-2020 Sale of Council Land and Buildings Environmental Services
  Animal Welfare Inspectors Environmental Services
28-09-2020 PP Recycling Environmental Services
  Covid-19 in Care Homes Education and Social Care
30-09-2020 Review of Discretionary Deferral Funding Stats for 2020-2021 Education and Social Care

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