FOI Request - Positions of Trust

Request 101002408214

I am writing to you with a Freedom of Information request regarding information you hold on cases of sexual activity by people potentially in positions of trust that are not currently covered by legislation in the UK. The information requested should be held by your Designated Officer/Local Authority Designated Officer. Please confirm the area your figures cover.

Please could you provide the following information for the last four years (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019):
1. a) how many cases were known about which related to sexual activity by a person who was potentially in a Position of Trust that is not currently covered by legislation with a 16 or 17 year old?
b) of these cases, in how many was the role of the individual known and recorded?
c) how many cases involved sports coaches or people working in sport?
d)  for those cases where the role was known and recorded, please categorise by the activity (eg sport, religion/faith, transport)?
2. what is the process of reporting and recording cases by your LADO/DO?

Response 11-03-2020

1.a) 0

b) n/a

c) n/a

d) n/a

2. Any cases of this nature would involve both our child protection team and our human resources departments.

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