FOI Request - Carers' Assessments

Request 101002409545

1. How many carers’ assessments have been completed under the Carers Scotland Act 2016 between  April 2018  and 31st March 2019 in your local authority.
2. How many carers assessments of  Black and Minority Ethnic  (BME)  carers were undertaken between  April 2018  and 31st March 2019 in your  local authority.
3. How many cultural appropriate services are available in your local authority to meet the needs of BME carers.
4. How many  BME carers accessing these services in your local authority.
5. How accessible is the information and advice provided to BME carers whose English is not their first language and/or  may have literacy issues.

Response 13-03-2020

1.      291
2.      1 (Of 1425 carers of all ages currently registered, we have ethnicity data identifying 8 BME carers
3.      None
4.      n/a
5.      Information is provided in different languages and different formats

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