FOI Request - Antisocial Behaviour

Request 101002413370

1. What is the name of the team within your organisation that deals with reports of antisocial behaviour?
2. How many reports of antisocial behaviour have been made to this team since and including 2015? Please break down your response by calendar year (or financial year, if that is how it is recorded), by type of antisocial behaviour(nature of complaint), and also provide a grand total for reports generally.
3. How many logged reports of antisocial behaviour to this team have been resolved since and including 2015? (For clarity, by “resolved” I mean the case has been closed with a satisfactory conclusion for the complaining party for their particular complaint). Please provide a total for reports generally, as well as a breakdown by type of antisocial behaviour (nature of complaint.)

Response 17-03-2020

Please find the requested information attached here

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