FOI Request - Services for Vulnerable Adults

Request 101002415095

1. Do you complete a financial assessment to confirm whether vulnerable adults with care and support needs can afford to contribute to their care package?

2. Charging for care and support services can be very complex and difficult for vulnerable adults (or their representatives) to understand.  How do you support understanding in this area?

3. Do you receive complaints about charging vulnerable adults for care and support services?

4. If yes, what was the total number of complaints you received in adult social care across the financial years for 2017 – 2018, 2018 – 2019, 2019 – 2020, and how many related to charging either wholly or partially?

5. Do you use online tools or systems to support vulnerable adults in understanding how much they might have to pay for services?  If yes, what systems and tools are used?

6. Do you have a financial assessment calculator either online or through an app, which vulnerable adults can complete to get an idea of what they may have to pay for their care package, prior to a full financial assessment?

7. If yes, who provides this system?

8. What did it cost to implement the system and what does it subsequently cost on an annual basis?

Response 18-03-2020

1.            Yes. All adults assessed as requiring a chargeable social care service are then financially assessed at the request of the Social Worker and their contribution is calculated as per national legislation and guidance.

2.            The Financial Assessment Officer works alongside Social Work staff to communicate with vulnerable adults and consulting and engaging with family members.  The Financial Assessment Officer will meet with the individual and their family/representatives in order to carry out this task.  We don’t provide the full national guidance but an easy to read summary to help individuals.  This booklet is always provided to allow the adult to read through the process prior to the visit. Where an individual has capacity but struggles to understand the process, we offer as many follow up discussions/meetings as we can until the individual is happy to progress.

3.            Yes.  There is a HSCM Complaints Policy in the public domain but people are advised on charging appeals route at time of assessment or contribution calculation stage or if they raise a concern at any stage. Complaints are usually individuals who do not wish to pay/state financial hardship rather than a misunderstanding of the financial assessment.

4.            Based on the number of charging appeals presented which is the equivalent of Stage 2 of Complaints Process, (stage 1 is frontline resolution):

2017: 10
2018: 18
2919: 7
2020: 2

5.            Not specifically.  We direct people to the online guidance for further information if they require.

6.            Not specifically.  The Social Worker will outline briefly to an individual what they may expect to pay prior to visit from Financial Assessment Officer.  The calculation is done with the individual at that stage.

7.            N/A

8.            N/A

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