FOI Request - School Trips

Request 101002466351

Details of school trips either taken or planned by schools run by the Moray Council from 1 January 2015 to present, including planned forthcoming trips. The details requested are as follows:
a. The destination and duration of each trip.
b. The method(s) of travel for each trip.
c. The amount of time taken out of class-time, where applicable, for each trip.
d. The number of pupils on each trip.
e. The number of staff on each trip.
f. The number of other persons on each trip.
g. The price payable by each pupil on each trip.
h. The price payable by staff on each trip.
i. The price payable by other persons on each trip.
j. Details of any financial contribution made out of school or other funds towards any of the costs of trips, including whether and how any such contribution may have been targeted towards any of the persons mentioned under points g, h and i.
k. Details of any steps that were taken to ensure that such trips are accessible to disadvantaged pupils.
l. Details of any steps that were taken to mitigate the environmental impact of such trips.

Clarification sought 13-03-2020

No clarification received therefore case closed 04-08-2020

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