FOI Request - Council Tax Arrears

Request 101002468619

I would like details of any councillor  who is currently in council tax arrears with your Council; the total value of money owed to your Council as a result of these arrears; and for which property they owe money to your Council in each case.

Please note, I would like the above information to include the name of the Councillor. However, if you believe that disclosing the name of such an individual would be contrary to FOI exemptions, I would be grateful if you could provide a description of the councillor which does not give away their individual identity e.g. (1) their political party (unless they are in a group of 1 member); (2) whether they are in the council executive or opposition.

Response 01-06-2020

In accordance with section 18 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 we neither confirm nor deny any figures. If information were held, it would be exempt under section 38(1)(b) of the Act, personal information; due to the low number of Councillors in Moray and therefore higher likelihood that they could be identified.

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