FOI Request - Microsoft Office 365 Backup Policy

Request 101002468639

I seek the following information about the Moray Council Backup Policy for the Moray Council's Office 365 deployment.
1. Can you please confirm if you are using the Microsoft Office 365 solution in your IT environment?
2. If so, how you currently back up your Office 365 data? If it is backed up please confirm which software or service solution you currently have in place.
3. If a system or service is in place to backup Moray Council's Office 365 environment can you confirm the retention period the data is stored for?
4. Who in Moray Council is responsible for the protection of your critical data?

Response 01/05/2020

1) The Council will be looking to deploy Office 365 when it renews its Microsoft Enterprise Subscription later in 2020.

2) Not applicable

3) Not applicable

4) ICT Infrastructure Manager

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