EIR Request - Peat Extraction

Request 101002472573

I would like to make a request under the Environmental Information Regulations for the following information:

1) A list of all the sites in the local planning authority's area of responsibility at which commercial peat extraction is taking place;

And, in the event that there are any such sites:

2) The names of the companies which are undertaking peat extraction at each site;

3) The volume of peat that has been extracted at each site in each of the past 5 years for which figures are available

4) The expected end date of commercial peat extraction at each site

Response 16-04-2020

1) 05/00471/MIN - Extraction of peat at Feith Geal, Tomintoul, Ballindalloch, Banffshire was approved in 24.03.2005 by Cairngorms National Park Planning Authority has been the only consent in Moray and it us understood that peat production has ceased for some time now.

2) One individual is recorded as having undertaken peat extractions. Given that we understand that peat production has now ceased, and that the information is that of a private individual, we can advise that this is personal information of a third party and is therefore except from disclosure under regulation 11(2) of the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations.

3) N/A

4) N/A

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