FOI Request - Alcohol Spending

Request 101002481824

For the years 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20 please would you tell me:

1. How much money has been spent on alcohol?
2. What was the purpose of events for which alcohol was purchased?

Response 19-08-2020

Year Amount (exc VAT) Description Purpose
2017/18 374.95 bar bill (unable to split between alcoholic/ non alcoholic drinks) Army Homecoming celebration
2018/19 28.14 bottle of whisky 100th Birthday presentation
2018/19 308.83 drinks with dinner 21&22/10/18 Convention of Highlands and
Islands hosted by Moray Council
2018/19 126.33 Wine Chamber of Commerce Dinner
2019/20 122.70 Wine and bottled water Chamber of Commerce Dinner

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