FOI Request - Waste Base Data

Request 101002539317

I would like to make the following freedom of information request:-

All waste base data:

Quality and quantity of all waste streams collected (kerbside, and commercial if they do it) and received (deposit points, HWRCs* etc) under the previous fully co-mingled system and the current arrangements for the last x years, broken down into all areas, collection rounds, time periods (eg week/fortnight/month) and whatever data granulometry that they have. Results to show each of the target and non-target materials. Data to include all and any generated by the Council and by others.

Any Waste Compositional Analysis of any waste stream carried out in the last ten years, from 1st January 2010.

Summaries of the waste quality and quantity collected and received, as described above, as used for internal assessment / trending / presentations

Any commentary on quality from their customers – ie those who process the waste for the Council

Any issues/ prosecutions/ SEPA correspondence regarding legal breaches, warnings or prosecutions

*Household Waste Recycling Centre

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