FOI Request - Environmental Health & Licensing Related Charges

Request 101002539351

Please can you respond to the following questions in line with the Freedom of Information Act:

1. Does your Local Authority provide charged for non-statutory Environmental Health & Licensing related services to the public and / or businesses?

2. If you have answered yes to question 1, please provide a list of the non-statutory services which you offer to the public and/or businesses. Please also provide the equivalent hourly rate(s) you charge for each of the above-mentioned services? If a service has a bespoke element to the chargeable rate please provide an averaged figure.

3. Has your Local Authority, or anyone on behalf of your Local Authority, set up a Company to provide non-statutory Environmental Health & Licensing related services to the public? If so, please provide details of the Company name(s) and website(s).

4. Does your Environmental Health Service (or equivalent) provide chargeable services to other departments within your Local Authority? If so, please provide details of services and the chargeable hourly rate.

5. How long have these charged for services been operating

6. What level (£) of income have these services brought into the Council in the last 4 years?

For the avoidance of doubt, Environmental Health is considered to cover the following regulatory subject areas: Food businesses, Public Health, Health & Safety, Nuisance (Inc. noise, dust odours), Contaminated Land, Air Quality, Drainage, Public Health Funerals, Pest Control, Pollution Prevention Control, Animal Welfare licences.  If these service areas sit outside of the Environmental Health Service please seek and provide the required information from the relevant department.

For the purpose of this request, I do not require information relating to services provided in relation to the area of Private Sector Housing.

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