FOI Request - Key Worker Guidance

Request 101002540110

I would like to obtain the following information:

1. Any internal advice or guidance prepared by the council on what constitutes a ‘key worker’ in the context of COVID-19 from 1 March 2020 to date.

2. Any internal correspondence from 1 March 2020 to date between heads of service and/or chief executives where there is discussion over the definition of what a ‘key worker’ is.

3. Details and minutes of any meetings (virtual or otherwise) held from 1 March 2020 where the agenda or minutes include discussion of the definition of Key Worker.

Response 28-07-2020

1. The Council adopted the Government's definition of 'key worker'.

2. In accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 please be advised that this information is not held. 

3. Extract of Incident Management Team Minute of 27 March 2020:

3.            Critical Service Delivery

3.2          Business Continuity Assessments - review

               Different views have been taken by managers about % of staff required to undertake a critical service.  Most services have indicated resilience from redeployment within their own service.  Still require info from HSC.  Forms indicate there is sufficient resilience across services.  ICT is the main service where there is a fine balance of available and required staff, will monitor and keep under review in next week.

               In relation to whether refuse collection was a tier one or two priority service, it was agreed that the govt definition of key workers that has been published in relation to childcare provision would be used for local definition of key workers and that any issues that emerged from this would be escalated as they arise.

               Noted this is a reflection of the current position now but will need to continue to monitor moving forward.  If staffing positions change, HoS need to raise through the reporting structure.

               While there may be odd discrepancy, most of the figures contained are accurate so not a significant issue.

               JN advised that MIJB have not yet collated as services have been realigning to meet needs but that this is work in progress.  Does not reflect need for carers at home, FG has skills matrix which will be using to seek volunteers and for recruitment as required.

               No current need for urgent movement on home carers but will require to plan for future demand as situation escalates.

               Action/Decision: Agreed the govt definition of key workers will be used for local definition of key workers

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