FOI Request - Temporary Social Workers

Request 101002544415

1 - How many qualified social workers were working on a temporary (agency) basis in your organisation on Monday 4th May 2020, split by:

a) Children’s Services social work roles

b) Adults’ Services social work roles

2 – What was the average number of agency social work professionals in post at any one time during the first quarter of 2020 (January to March)

3 – What was the total spend by your organisation on temporary (agency) social work professionals during the financial year 1/4/19 to 31/3/20? For clarity this refers to the spend on qualified social workers.

4 – What was the average hourly margin (in £ and p) paid to recruitment agencies providing social work professionals for temporary roles during the financial year 1/4/19 to 31/3/20?

Response 31-07-2020


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