FOI Request - RME Teaching

Request 101002555042

1.  How many secondary religious and moral education (RME) teachers are there in your local authority area
2.  Please provide information on the number of RME teachers per secondary school in your local authority area.
3.  What evidence do you have from head teachers that all pupils from S1-6 are being taught RME.
4.  How do you gather this information.
5. What percentage of children per secondary school gain a qualification in RMPS before they leave school.

Response 17-08-2020

1. 11

2. Buckie High – 2, Elgin Academy – 1, Elgin High – 1, Forres Ac – 3, Lossiemouth High – 2, Milne’s High – 1, Speyside High – 1

3.  We gather this information from school visits undertaken by QIM/QIO as well as from attainment meetings for each school.  HTs also include this in the end of year reports as well as self evaluation profiles and Standards and Quality Reports.

4.  We gather this evidence in secondary schools through our subject and curriculum group meetings; subject group meetings cover senior phase and are twice a year and curriculum groups are for BGE and twice a year.  This is a meeting for PTs of the subject/curricular area and are supported by central officers and also senior leaders in schools.  

5. Data is for pupils who were in the S4 cohort in 2017/18 i.e. would have been S6 in 2019/20.

Buckie High - 11 students achieved an RME award from 140 students (S4 cohort) = 7.9%
Forres Academy - 14 from 153 = 9.2%
Milne's High - 9 from 77 = 11.7%

No RME courses / awards from the other Moray secondary schools.

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