FOI Request - Business Support Grant MOT Stations

Request 101002555216

This is a freedom of information request [] to ascertain how your local authority administered the £25000.00 Coronavirus Business Support Fund. The Scottish Government has given Local Authorities a great deal of discretion on how eligibility is determined.

Guidance from the Scottish Government contained in the Local Government Finance Circulars 05, 08 and 09 state that "Local Authorities should determine for themselves whether particular properties not listed are broadly similar in nature to those above and, if so, to consider them eligible."

With this in mind can you tell me how your local authority treated MOT testing stations which did not have a showroom attached? Did you class them as retail and accept their application for the Business Support Grant or did you class them as a service and reject their application.

Response 17-08-2020

The local authority received no such applications so it was unnecessary for us to come to a decision on this issue.

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