FOI Request - Use of GLOW Platform

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Under the Freedom of information act, I would like to request information regarding the use of the GLOW platform within your local authority.  Where you authority does not use glow please respond saying so and do not complete the attached spreadsheet.

Could you please provide this on the excel spreadsheet attached if possible and include the following data:

1.Name of Establishment providing data (e.g. ‘Gordlington Primary School’, ‘Social Work services’, ‘Youth Sevices’ Johnstonetown Secondary school’, ‘Bridgetown residential service’)
2. Number of active Individual GLOW accounts with users over the age of 18 in that Establishment (including adult learners).
3. Number of Group accounts assigned by that Establishment e.g. Office account, Cleaning Services, Facility Services, Higher Biology group.
4. Number of People over the age of 18 who have access and can use a glow account (Group or individual) through that establishment.
5. Number of people over the age of 18 who have access to more than one GLOW account.
6. Number of active PVG members assigned to that establishment.
7. Number of people over the age of 18 who have signed to say they are happy to share email address, work location and name through the glow platform within that establishment.
8. Number of people over the age of 18 who have signed to say they are not happy to share email address, work location and name through the glow platform within that establishment.

Thank you in advance for your support with this.  I have attached an excel spreadsheet which would be helpful when collating this data.  Please ensure that the statements above are used alongside the spreadsheet to aid collation of accurate info.

Response 20-08-2020

Please find the requested information attached here, with notes on each question below. 

1. We have included the teaching and non-teaching accounts for each school, the number also includes administration accounts for each school. These are only used for system admin purposes and the login details are held central by a system administrator
2. We have no group accounts created.

3. We have no shared Glow accounts, an individual only has access to their account. So, this figure is the total of teaching and non-teaching staff in the school, with the centrally held admin accounts removed.

4. Our system administrator has access to admin accounts in each establishment and a number of central administration accounts which are used to perform different system functions.

5. In our school establishments all teachers and non-teachers have PVG checks.  In the non-school establishments shown on the spreadsheet these are used to organise Glow accounts for education officers, supply teachers and administration staff.  These may include a mixture of staff with PVG checks or Disclosure Scotland checks, dependant on the nature of their role.  There are restrictions on which roles are eligible for a PVG check to be performed. The spreadsheet has been adjusted to break down the security checks by PVG and Disclosure Scotland to give a full picture of what safeguarding checks are performed within the legal framework of the roles performed by those with Glow accounts.

6. and 7. Within Moray Council Glow is an important part of learning and teaching in schools.  By agreeing to use Glow and other ICT systems as part of their employment conditions, it is understood that their work-related details would be held in the global address list, the high number who agreed reflect this.  

Glow’s ethos of communication and collaboration is fundamental to its use with Moray Council.  Individual staff members can request to opt out of the global address list any time by emailing the system administrator.  At present only one member of staff has requested their details to be removed from the global address list with Glow. 

However, we are unable to break this down by establishment as this information is exempt under section 38(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; personal information. 

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