FOI Request - Business Support Grant Complaints

Request 101002556253

1. How many complaints (emails, letters, phonecalls) have been received by the council since 23 March by businesses and or business owners about their support grant applications not being processed quickly enough. Please detail correspondence numbers by each week.

2. Please provide copies of this correspondence where it exists.

Response 20-08-2020

1. 2

2. Copies of the full correspondence are exempt under section 38(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland)Act 2002; personal information, however please find a summary of the complaints below. 

Complaint 1

Complaint Details:
no ndr liaiblity and no decision on a covid19 grant application 

Resolution Requested:
to become liable for ndr and a decision to be made on covid19 grant application

Complaint 2

Complaint Details:
complaint about Business Support Fund

Resolution Requested:
respond to questions and be awarded grant

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