FOI Request - Number of Mental Health Counsellors in Secondary Schools

Request 101002556470

1. By 1 September 2020, how many mental health counsellors will be employed directly in secondary schools based in the local authority? Can this be broken down also by council ward and the specific school where they will be employed?

2. Furthermore, can you provide a breakdown of how many mental health counsellors have been employed in secondary schools in the region between 1 June 2016 and 1 June 2020?

Response 14-09-2020

1. There is currently one counsellor employed who all schools have access to.  Plans are currently being progressed to employ a further four counsellors.  Each Counsellor will cover two ASGs.

2. There has been one counsellor employed by the SEBN section which all schools have had access to and three further counsellor's employed by schools using their PEF monies.

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